FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions


How did I get Started

I’ve always been artsy. My twin sister (Erin) and I love theatre, painting, writing… basically anything that creates something out of nothing. At a young age, I would draw my teachers in class, act out scenarios in head, and color everything. I don’t think this was just something out of the blue. I really believe I was created to create.

In my second year of high school, I signed up Erin and I for a digital media class. I got a point and shoot for Christmas and I took pictures of Erin and friends for fun. I honestly don’t think I planned to become a photographer.

The next year, my friend helped my sister and I get hostess jobs at a local restaurant. We ended up working there for our rest of our high school years and into college, and one of our managers saw our pictures on facebook and asked if we would shoot a wedding for $100. To make a $100 serving vs $100 shooting, it seemed like a sweet deal. So I went to Bestbuy and bought a better camera with a kit lens. I was 18.

I fell completely in love with wedding photography and started shooting consistently with anything I could: families, babies, couples, seniors… anything and everything!

I met my husband in college and started going full-time in July of 2018, which was 9 years after I picked up my first camera. Time flies.

How do I handle payments?

This truly depends on what the package is, but for weddings and adventure sessions I ask for 50% deposit to book.

Can I bring my dog/cat to my shoot?

Absolutely! If you feel the dog/cat can handle clicking noises and possible other distractions, please do!

What if I need to reschedule/cancelled?

I will completely understand if something comes up unexpectedly. I need at least a 48 hour notice before a shoot is cancelled or rescheduled so that I can give someone else the opportunity to fill the space.

how many pictures will I get in my gallery?

I include both black and white and color for my galleries. And I shoot the entire time I’m with you.

For weddings, it can be up to 1000(s) of photos.

For adventure sessions, around 100-400(s) of photos. For minis, around 25-150 great images.

what wedding packages include engagement sessions?

Every package except Elopement!

If i do the elopement package, can i still get engagement pictures?

Yes! I give a discount code to couples who book my Elopement Wedding Package for an engagement session. ;)