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9 Creative Ways to Get Married on a Budget! **Shhh don't tell anyone

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Congratulations! You’re getting hitched! It might be all too surreal but now comes the time to plan! And with planning involves spending and with spending involves… stress! And if you’re like my husband and I when we got married, time to get creative. Stress is not your friend and you can really have your dream wedding without having to spend money. Don’t get frustrated on small things instead plan. You’ve got this! Here are some creative ways to get more creative with your budget:

  1. Get married at a park! Parks can be so beautiful and have plenty of parking. You’ll likely need a permit for whichever park you choose but there are so many creative ways to use the space. Make sure you check the rules and regulations and make sure you have an option for if it rains. Parks have so many options photography wise, you’ll love it!

  2. Rent an Airbnb or Peerspace! Make sure you tell your host what you plan to do, but this can be an out of the box way to save money and have a beautiful place for pictures and receptions.

  3. Courthouse Elopement in the City! What. a. dream. City pictures are my absolute favorite. You can do so many things while walking around a city. Of course, this option isn’t traditional but you can still have a dreamy reception after to celebrate!

  4. Family Farm/ Old House! Have you ever driven by a house and fell in love with it. I know I have. Some people have no problem renting out their house for a day for a wedding. It never hurts to ask the owner if you can give them some money to have your wedding there. To save more costs, be sure to tell them you’ll have a family member clean up after!

  5. Morning Weddings! Have a venue in mind? Ask about having your wedding in the morning. My bet is they rarely have those and will give you a discount! Mimosas anyone? Yes, please.

  6. Choose One Venue instead of Two! Ok, this one might be a little obvious, but hear me out. You can easily save by having your wedding venue turned into a reception right after you say the “I do’s”.

  7. Any day but Saturday! We saved a lot by doing this same thing on my wedding day. Instead of Saturday we had a Sunday wedding for a discount price!

  8. Front/Back yard wedding! One of the best weddings I have ever shot was right in their front yard. And afterwards, they had their reception in the back. It was gorgeous and so relaxed! If you want your wedding to make your guest feel right at home, do this!

  9. Church! As a photographer, churches can be really hard to shoot (I’m really honest, I’m sorry), especially if everything isn’t lit well and there isn’t enough room to move around. Sadly, this is most old, beautiful churches on the inside. If you don’t care about all the details in the I Do’s (it’s still possible to get the shots; they’re just comparably not as good. *note), but you want to do beautiful pictures of the outside, then do this! Churches aren’t as expensive as other wedding venues and you might even get more of a discount if you are a member of the church you want to shoot at!

Here are some more amazing tips from the Rachel Cruze. I’m a huge fan.